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What You Should Know About Incident Response



The incident response is actually a process and this is not an isolated event. So that the incident response is successful, the teams must have a coordinated as well as organized approach to an incident. There are actually several steps which every response program must cover to effectively address the wide range of security incidents which a company could encounter.


Know that preparation is the key for an effective incident response. Even the most excellent incident response team can't effectively deal with an incident without such predetermined guidelines. There must be a strong plan in place in order to support the team. To be able to successfully address such security events, then these features need to be included in the incident response plan.


The global security operations center develop and also document the IR policies. There should be policies, agreements and procedures established for the incident response management. It is also important that you create communication standards as well as guidelines to allow seamless communication during and also after the incident. The company should add threat intelligence feeds. It is necessary to do an ongoing collection, synchronization as well as analysis of the threat intelligence feeds.


Also, it is quite important that you conduct cyber hunting exercises. It is necessary that you have to perform operational threat hunting exercises so that you will find the incidents which are taking place in the environment. This would allow for a more proactive incident response. It is also very important to assess the present threat detection ability and also improve the risk assessment and other programs.


There is also an effort in properly scoping as well as understanding the security operations center standards which takes place in the step. The resources must be used for collecting data from the tools and the systems for further analysis and also to identify the indicators of the compromise. The individuals need to have such in-depth skills as well as a detailed understanding of the live system responses, memory analysis, digital forensics and also the malware analysis.


The company should also understand that the most critical stage of the incident response is the containment and neutralization. This is based on the intelligence as well as the indicators of the compromise which has been gathered during the analysis phase. After restoring the system and the security has been verified, then normal operations may continue. You must wipe those infected devices and then rebuild the operating system. It is also very important to change the passwords of those compromised accounts.